What LifeCovered is All About

We are a young and mature team, who through technology and devoted service passionately want to help educate and serve Kiwi’s on financial protection and money matters.

We are fast-growing NZ financial advisers with the main office in Hamilton and advisers across all New Zealand.

LifeCovered is a free service that puts customers first. 

We provide financial advice to both individuals and SME’s on everything from life, health and income protection insurance.

In 2019 alone, we have placed over $40 million worth of risk with NZ insurers.


LifeCovered is a Registered Financial Service Provider and a member of the IFSO (Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman).


It all started with a simple question...​

Why is buying life insurance such a confusing and stressful experience?

Frustrating is an understatement. 

The world of insurance is confusing, stressful, lots of jargon,  and a step backward in time (hello, fax machines). 

And even after they’ve bought a policy, people worry they might still be on the hook for something they missed.

And we all know some story of insurance not paying out….

LifeCovered is on a mission

To make insurance easy to understand, and with fanatical service, help educate Kiwis about financial risk and protection


Willi started his financial career working for a Scandinavian banking and insurance services provider.

Having spent time working in the industry, he has experienced first hand the value of good advice following an acute neurological disorder his wife suffered in 2004.

Willi passionately serves his clients and simply wants to help educate about financial risks we face and how we can protect our families.

He is currently residing in Hamilton with his Wife, Daniela and two children: Andrew & Laura.

As a family man and business owner, I can relate and understand the challenges of financial planning for family and business.”

He is a founding member of Rotary Rototuna, a community services club.

“I love meeting people and life is about moments. Get in touch.”