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Partners Life Insurance

Partners Life Insurance is another new kid on the block but since it was established in 2010 it has built a reputation for its innovative approach to providing really worthwhile life insurance cover for Kiwis.

It is now one of New Zealand’s leading life insurance providers and its products include life, income, and disability insurance.

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Partners Life Insurance is committed to providing best-in-class insurance cover with competitive premiums.

Where other insurance companies constantly seek new customers, Partners Life Insurance seeks to build a truly valuable supportive relationship with its existing customers.

A claims payout philosophy of ‘if it’s grey, we will pay’ is just a natural extension of the Partners Life’s commitment to its policy holders.

In addition to the usual Life insurance policy benefits, the insurer provides some great options including:

  • Stepped (with an option for a maximum 5% increase) or level premiums to 65 or 80 years of age
  • Worldwide cover—this is a standard inclusion for all Partners Life policies
  • Premium holidays
  • Special events increases

Partners Life’s financial strength is rated as “Secure” B++ (Good) by A.M. Best.

Actual solvency capital:    $222M

Solvency margin:               $73.5M

Solvency ratio:                   150%