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Farm Insurance

You’re the farming expert. We’re the farm insurance experts. Let’s work together. Cover for the buildings, livestock, vehicles, equipment, liability, business interruption and more, for farms large and small

You’re the farming expert. We’re the farm insurance experts. Let’s work together. Cover for the buildings, livestock, vehicles, equipment, liability, business interruption and more, for farms large and small

Farming and Agriculture Insurance Brokers

Farmers and New Zealand’s rural communities keep the economy going.

The unique challenges that farmers and growers face every day with working on the land with machinery, livestock and people requires farm insurance experts brokers that care and understand.

The secret is finding the right farm insurance for your business, that fits within your budget and covers against those unexpected events that happen.

farmer considering if his farm insurance will cover

What is Farm Insurance?

Farm Insurance is an insurance policy often bundled to cover your agricultural business including your home, boat, buildings, tools and produce. The best farm insurance also lets you customise cover to include farm machinery such as tractors, livestock and farm animals, liability, buildings, running costs and missed profits – all under one policy.

What does Farm Insurance cover?

Farming operations interruption

If your production or your farm as a whole would shut down if important infrastructure (eg. milking sheds) were to be damaged, this is the option for you. This insurance will cover you from lost turnover and will also pay extra wages that you need to maintain production manually. There is a number of optional extensions that can be attached, including natural disaster cover and electrical breakdown protection.

Livestock interruption

Covers your essential high value value animals for death, injury and fertility. Additional options are also available to extend your insurance to cover working dogs, horses, transit and livestock herds.


Lost income

What would happen if your Dairy shed burns down or worse is rendered inoperable by an EQ?
(EQ is worse as you and everyone else is in the same position).

In an M. Bovis environment expecting to be able to milk at the neighbors shed is not realistic. If you are a contract/share milker the owner is not required to top up your income under the standard Federated Farmers contract.


Best Farm Insurance Companies

LifeCovered has teamed up with PSC Connect and Steadfast, Australasia’s largest general insurance broker network.

This enables us to compare the best Farm Insurance Companies in New Zealand, to focus on our clients and find the best insurance solutions for each individual business.

We have carefully selected the best Farm Insurance Companies based on the strongest credit rating, which equals better claims-paying abilities.

We are here for you, anytime.

Farmers Insurance you can tailor to suit your farm

Farmers in New Zealand probably face more risks than most other businesses have to. In fact agriculture is one of the most hazardous occupations with most work-related deaths in New Zealand.

That’s why customising cover to suit your needs is so important. Because every operation, a small dairy farm or a large beef and sheep farm, has unique requirements.

Customising your insurance cover also means you only pay for what you need. So no need to overspend on Agri insurance.

Our rural insurance brokers are experts and have many years of experience comparing the best farm insurance companies, helping business owners getting protected and facilitating claims.

Farm Insurance Claims

When things go wrong, we are here to help you get your claim paid. 

Step 1 - Contact us

Our claims staff have experience and specialty training and respond with care and understanding. Email claims@lifecovered.nz for assistance or call us on 0800 25 99 25

Step 2 - Expert Assessment

Our claims experts will deal with the claim quickly, communicating clearly with your or your loved ones throughout the process.

Step 3 - Claim is paid

Usually within 48 hours. Once the claim is approved, the insurer will pay.

Can't find the insurance that fits your needs?

Sometimes insurance can be hard to understand and time-consuming.

We make insurance easy to understand – help you identify what insurance you need to protect your family and business. 


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Our Farm Insurance brokers provide you

  • The best value policies
  • Advocate on your behalf
  • Manage claims process
  • Find the cheapest policies
  • Policies that are not available direct

and last but not least, our farm insurance brokers assess the risk profile of your farm business and recommend policies and cover that suits.