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Accuro Health Insurance is a smaller company dedicated to caring about the health of its members. It’s really about Kiwis looking after Kiwis. Accuro has been providing health insurance for New Zealanders since 1971.




A. M. Best


Accuro Health Insurance - not for profit organisation

Accuro Health Insurance is a not for profit organisation, and that means its focus is on providing the best cover for its members. You can enjoy low premiums especially for non-smokers and those who make efforts to maintain good health. And the low premiums mean that you remain in control when those stressful times of illness do hit.

Another plus is that you can choose which hospital or medical provider you want to use and not the insurance company. Accuro Health Insurance will even cover the costs of natural therapies and contact lenses.

Accuro’s SmartCare health insurance is a modular policy. That means that you can add options such as a specialist, natural health, dental, and optical covers to the standard comprehensive plan.

Other options include overseas treatment benefits when waiting lists in New Zealand are too long, medical tourism, and cover for non-Pharmac drug costs.

You have a choice of a wide range of excess options to give you affordable premiums.

Accuro’s credit rating is listed as B (stable) by A.M. Best.