Platinum with AIA Vitality

Getting to AIA Vitality Platinum is easier, thank you think. The higher your AIA Vitality Status, the more rewards and discounts you can enjoy.


How to earn points

Getting to AIA Vitality Platinum Status is easier than you think. Points are awarded for everyday activities such as walking the dog, going to the gym, and completing online assessments.

Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum – your AIA Vitality Status is based on the number of AIA Vitality Points you accumulate each year that determines your eligibility for rewards and the AIA Insurance discount.

The more points you earn with AIA Vitality, the higher your AIA Vitality Status, and the greater your rewards and savings!

You can earn your NEW Apple Watch Series 7 each month through the workouts you do to stay fit, including walking, running and swimming! The more workouts you complete, the more AIA Vitality Points you can earn and use to pay your Apple Watch balance. This is another way to keep you motivated and active in your journey towards living a healthier life. Earn 500 points per month for 24 months and the cost is $0!

Someone who is moderately active and completes the yearly health assessments could achieve the following:

  • Online assessments – up to 3,500 points
  • Health assessments – up to 10,000 points
  • Physical activity points – 15,000 points
  • Sleep tracking – 2,000 points
  • Nutrition Consultation – up to 2,500

This is a total of 33,000 points in a year.

Vaccinations, eye and dental checks, and preventative health checks are just some of a number of other ways to get more points to reach Platinum. Reaching 20,000 or 30,000 points is easy, but requires dedication.

Once the Platinum status is reached you will receive

  • 100 Airpoints Dollars or $100 Countdown gift card

and if you reach 35,000 points, you will receive

  • 150 Airpoints Dollars or $150 Countdown gift card
Start unlocking AIA Vitality benefits by being active and getting AIA Vitality Points.

There are all kinds of ways to earn AIA Vitality Points, from working out, to walking, to monitoring your health.

How can I reach AIA Vitality Silver Status Benefits?

You can quickly reach Silver Status by completing a few key activities. Many members get there within the first month!

Age Assessment3,000
Skin Self-Examination500
30 days Physical Activity3,000
Flu Shot1,000
Eye Check500
Dental Check1,000

How can I reach AIA Vitality Gold Status Benefits?

Getting active is essential for achieving Gold Status and feeling fitter and better.

30 Days Physical Activity3,000
BMI check1,000
BMI in healthy range1,500
Blood pressure check1,000
Blood pressure in healthy range1,500
Sleep Tracking 30 days300
Glucose Reading1,000
Cholesterol Reading1,000

How can I reach AIA Vitality Platinum Status Benefits?

The great thing about exercising is that the more you do, the better you feel — and the more you want to do. It’s simple to reach Platinum once you’ve made healthy living a habit.

Physical Activity4,000
Glucose in healthy range1,500
Cholesterol in healthy range1,500
Fitness Assessment1,000
- Cardiovascular Fitness in healthy range500
- Functional Mobility in healthy range500
Sleep Tracking 30 days300
Nutrition Consultation1,000
Organised Fitness Event1,500

Congratulations, you’ve achieved Platinum with 32,100 points!

You can get an extra bonus of 125 Airpoints Dollars by reaching 35,000 points.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can view your earned points on your smartphone app.

Activity Points are usually awarded instantly once the activity is completed and your smartwatch has synced with your phone. But sometimes it takes longer and up to 24 or 48 hours.

Once you’ve hit the maximum Physical Activity Points limit of 15,000 per membership year, your Physical Activity Points will no longer count as Status points (Silver, Gold, Platinum) but you will still be able to earn Points towards your weekly Active Rewards or Apple Watch Benefit repayment