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AMP Life Insurance (Australian Mutual Provident Society) is one of New Zealand’s oldest and best known insurance companies and has been providing insurance for Kiwis since 1849.





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AMP life insurance began as a community initiative to provide support for families that were suffering because the breadwinner was prevented, by injury or illness, from earning an income. In those days New Zealand didn’t have a welfare system and the insurer filled that gap.

Today the company continues that community focus and has more than 400,000 customers who enjoy a wide range of comprehensive insurance products including life, crisis, income, health, and disability insurance.

The insurer is also a default Kiwisaver provider.

Key benefits of AMP Lifetrack Life Cover include:

  • Life cover payment– can receive a lump sum payment of your choosing for your family or estate when you die
  • Terminal illness payment—provides an early payout if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness that will result in your death within 12 months
  • Funeral expenses payment–an advance payment of up to $15,000 to help with funeral expenses and immediate estate costs
  • Planning for the future–provides expert financial advice to help your family make the best use of the full claim payout

In 2016 the company

  • Paid out $123.1 million in insurance claims to Kiwi families
  • Supported New Zealanders who could no longer work because of an illness or injury by paying out $20.2 million in income insurance claims

AMP Life Limited (AMP Life) is credited with an A+ insurer financial strength rating from Standard & Poor’s.