Group health cover - medical insurance

Group life insurance shows employees you value what matters most to them – their loved ones

What is group health cover?

Group Health Insurance provides your employees with access to private healthcare paid for by an insurer. This allows them to bypass lengthy DHB waiting lists for eligible conditions, getting them back on their feet and in work again faster than if they’d had to wait for DHB care.

Business medical insurance, with benefits

Here are some of the benefits of Group medical insurance for your business.

Benefits for employers

  • Medical insurance is a highly valued employee benefit and can help improve employee retention and recruitment
  • Employee receive faster and better treatment and therefore sooner back to work

Benefits for employees

  • Family members may be included at a discounted rate
  • Potential cover for pre-existing conditions if your group is large enough.
Group Health Cover

Similar workplace insurance benefits

Support and peace of mind for people facing the consequences of death and terminal illness.

(TPD) Insurance pays a lump sum benefit if you are no longer able to work due to an injury or sickness

Regular payments to help you maintain your lifestyle while you’re unable to work due to injury or illness.

Think of this cover as extra financial protection beyond medical and income protection insurance.