We help medical professionals grow, manage and protect their wealth, live their best lives and achieve financial freedom.

Are You a Medical Professional looking for financial protection?

As someone who has dedicated their lives to improving the health of others, you would have a unique appreciation for the fragility of one’s health and the impact that illness and injury can have on a family. 

Why Medical Professionals Need Specialised Financial Advice

Medical professionals are, by nature, there to give their patients answers. 

We specialise in providing financial advice to help medical professionals grow, manage, and protect their wealth, live their best lives, and achieve financial freedom.

Given the tremendous effort required to qualify in your chosen discipline, your dedication and commitment must be appropriately rewarded financially.

Not just now but throughout retirement as well.

The good news is that getting your financial health in order is a lot more straightforward than completing medical school!

We’ve helped many medical professionals across New Zealand get unbiased financial advice to protect against the impact that an unexpected illness, injury, burnout, or the loss of a loved one can lead to.

Personal Insurance to secure your income

Financial protection is about choice, dignity, preservation of lifestyle and peace of mind!

The financial security of your family and your retirement plan could be severely impacted by a disability, extended illness, or premature death that prevents you from working.

Creating a risk protection plan alongside your savings plan can give you confidence that your family lifestyle can continue as you recover.

Let me ask you a couple of tough questions?

What would you do if today's paycheck was the last one?

As a healthcare professional, your ability to earn an income is likely to be your most valuable asset.

If you could not work for 12 months or five years – what impact would this have on you and your family’s lifestyle today and your retirement savings?

All the people I meet insure their homes and cars, but the chances of a house burning down are slim.

The chance of being disabled due to an illness such as cancer or stroke is so much higher – 1 in 3!

Transfer your Pension to New Zealand

Those immigrating to New Zealand often find themselves in a bind, forced to leave their overseas pension (or superannuation) when they start their new life.

Transferring pensions from one country to another is no picnic – it’s so complex and fraught with complications that even accountants and advisers can get confused by it all.

What to expect

Three easy steps to see what's possible

Matters of family and wealth are always deeply personal. The same goes for how we work with you.From our first meeting to the reviews we do regularly, every touch feels human, even when discussing numbers, financial protection and retirement. We don’t beat around the bush when we talk to you; our goal is to make life easier with one plan.


Just a conversation about what you want insurance to do for you so you can have peace of mind today and tomorrow.


Together, we explore insurance options that might fit you and your budget.


Once a financial protection plan is chosen, we’ll activate the plan and schedule annual follow-ups to make sure the plan stays on track.

What other insurance can I include in my Income Protection plan?

Life Insurance

Protects your family’s future and gives them options if you are no longer around.

Trauma Cover

When you are diagnosed with a critical illness, the insurer pays you a tax-free one off lump sum.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage protection insurance pays a monthly tax free benefit if you are medically unfit to work.