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Dairy Farm Insurance

Dairy farm insurance covers your everyday business risks and needs.
We’re 100% Kiwi owned and operated.

Waikato Dairy Farm Insurance Brokers

Dairy farm insurance is our specialty and focus. We are keenly aware of the many realities of dairy farming, as well as how to best cover and protect your family, your assets and your workers.

With 25 years of insurance experience, LifeCovered, based in Waikato is 100% Kiwi owned.

Dairy Farm Insurance

What is Dairy Farm Insurance?

Dairy Farm Insurance is a policy specifically designed for a dairy farmer to cover everyday business risk such as milk, dairy sheds, farm liability (amongst other things to Fonterra and cows walking on the road). 

An important but often neglected part of dairy insurance is covering lost income with the loss of a dairy shed.

Key features

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Think about it, how would your farm business be affected, if the farm machinery would stop working? Farm Plant & Machinery Insurance helps replace and repair your equipment or helps hire new machinery.

Farm Building Insurance

How would your business and income be impacted if a fire would destroy your farm buildings, sheds, stables, and workshops?

Farm Building Insurance incl farm machinery
Farm Business Interruption Insurance

Farm Business Interruption Insurance

How would your business income be affected if your farm buildings and assets are damaged? Farm Business Interruption Insurance helps minimise the loss of income.

Livestock Insurance for Sheep and Beef Farmers

Death or less ie theft or escape of an animal means your business suffers. Livestock insurance pays the market value.

Livestock Insurance for Sheep and Beef Farmers​
Farm Liability Insurance

Farm Liability Insurance

Includes liability arising from farming operations such as grazing animals, Employer’s liability, Statutory liability including your responsibilities under the Forest and Rural Fires Act.

Farm Home, Car & Content Insurance

Your farm home, car and content needs protection too. We help repair or replace.

Farm Home, Car & Content Insurance​
Milk Contamination Insurance

Milk Contamination Insurance

Do you know anyone that has lost income due to milk contamination? Protects your income from milk contaminated by others, as well as protection for your liability, should your milk inadvertently pass on contamination.

Reason for using a Dairy Farm Insurance Broker

Using a broker saves me time, so I can focus on my business My broker provides expert knowledge and advice My broker provides great service So I have someone on my side when it comes to insurance

Compare Best Dairy Farm Insurance in New Zealand

We work for you and love getting claims paid. 

Our many years of experience are used to make sure you are on the best policy and best price.

The average dairy farm insurance policy is 100 pages long. Insurance is complicated and we help you get the best cover in place without a degree in insurance. We do what we are best at, and you do what you are best at. Everybody wins.

Claims being paid depends on what policy you are on. We get your claims paid by ensuring you are on the right policy at the start. And by dealing with us you get cover for things you didn’t know you need.

Most Common Dairy Farm Insurance Claims

  • Milk claims
  • Vehicle claims (crashed or stolen quads)
  • Liability claims (Cows on the road, milk tanker loads, and milk penalties)
  • Building damage from wind or storm
  • Dairy shed fires
  • Lost income claims due to Dairy shed losses

Dairy Farm Insurance Frequently Asked Question

No, some insurance companies will have high excesses, in some cases the excess is 50% of the milk loss.  Not all companies cover milk penalties levied by the milk company.

We work for you, the client, and are actively looking for ways to get claims paid.

My experience is 15 years in the claims area which means I have the experience and skill to help give the insurers what they need to pay the claim.

How you frame a claim to an insurer is half of the battle, we make sure this is done right.

Not a very high number, but it does happen from time to time.

The good news is the small number of claims makes the cover for shed’s inexpensive when compared to vehicle insurance.

Yes you can, but be aware some of the really high excesses don’t save you as much as you might expect. We can provide options on excess levels and help you make a decision you are comfortable with.

We specialise in policies that provide a good level of blanket coverage and include things like power poles, fences, money, vehicle windscreens and like. 

Some companies like FMG provide cover for the items you ask for and little else.  This makes their premiums cheaper but leads to unhappy customers when an unexpected loss occurs.

By having us working with you we can advise if a loss would be covered by your policy, and assist with the claims process.

No, insurance companies can not cover every loss.

But because we work for you and are not paying the claim you can trust us if we tell you that a loss isn’t a claim.

Example: Quad bike breakdown is not covered by insurers. 

As brokers, we compare the best dairy farm insurance providers in New Zealand, in contrast FMG agents only sell their own policy.  We work for the client not for the insurer,  this means that our advice will be based on the best decision for you and not the insurer.

This makes a big difference at claim time when we are only interested in making sure your claim gets paid if possible, and getting the maximum benefit from the claim for you.

If your dairy shed burnt down or worse was damaged in an Earthquake you are likely to need to dry off for the season.

The rebuilding of a shed is a minimum of 3 months but normally 6-9 months.  Business interruption allows you to cover income lost.

Cover for this is not as expensive as you may think with rates around $250 per $100,000 of cover.

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