What is non Pharmac drugs?


Non-Pharmac refers to all the drugs and treatments not subsidised by Pharmac. If your health cover has a non-Pharmac benefit, you can access more treatment options. The health insurer pays.

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  • The Ministry of Health created the Pharmaceutical (Pharmac) Management Agency in 1993 to manage and fund government spending on medicines.
  • The Pharmaceutical Schedule (the Drug Tariff) lists subsidised medicines .
  • Non-Pharmac drugs are all the drugs not on the Pharmaceutical Schedule.

What is the cost of non Pharmac drugs in New Zealand?

Sick New Zealanders that need non Pharmac drugs and treatments need to pay themselves.

Here are some examples from New Zealand media.

  • Trikafta, would cost a patient close to $500,000 a year¹
  • Keytruda, would cost a patient more than $60,000 a year²

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