health insurance for pre-existing conditions

Best health insurance for pre-existing conditions LifeCovered – Insurance Broker You can get health insurance for pre-existing medical conditions, but, likely, you can only claim on pre-existing conditions after a waiting period of up to three years. Although some health insurance policies will never cover existing conditions. Table of Contents Book a Call SPECIAL HEALTH … Read more

Trauma Insurance vs Income Protection

LifeCovered – Insurance Broker Question Trauma Insurance vs Income Protection: What is the difference? Answer Trauma cover insurance is paid upon a specific diagnosis. Income Protection is paid if you are diagnosed with any medical condition or injured and can’t work. Need Help With Insurance? Our advisers are here to answer your questions, explore your … Read more

Compare Best Income Protection Insurance


We’ve selected the best disability insurance companies to help replace your income if you become medically unfit to work. Income protection can replace up to 75% of your pre-disability income if you cannot work in the future. In my experience, when helping professionals and high-income earners, I have seen firsthand the importance of protecting the … Read more

Why Life Insurance Premiums Increase?


Why life insurance premiums increase? Life Insurance Premiums Increase every year. That is what most NZs are used to. Very rarely will a Bank or Insurance company clearly show you the lifetime costs you can expect to pay for a Life Insurance policy. Why do life insurance premium increase with age About 80% of life insurance policies … Read more

Life Insurance Premiums That Don’t Increase With Age

level term life insurance

Life Insurance premiums don’t increase with age What is level life insurance? Level life insurance premiums don’t increase with age but stay fixed for a long time, usually until age 70 or 80, when the policy changes to a rate for age. Premiums increase if you increase the cover amount or activate indexation. Fixed premiums … Read more

Special Events Increase

Special Events Increase Life Insurance

How Special Events Increase Benefit works? The best life insurance companies in New Zealand allow you to increase your cover as your circumstances change and you reach important anniversaries or events in your life. What are Special Events Increase Benefits? The Special Events Increase is an important built-in benefit that allows you to increase the … Read more

Policy Wording Passback

Policy Wording Passback Life Insurance

Policy Wording Passback What is Policy Wording Passback? The best life insurance companies in New Zealand have a built-in policy benefit called ‘policy wording pass back’, which means when they announce policy enhancements, these are also passed back to existing customers. In practical terms, when a favourable change is made to a policy section, the … Read more

Life Insurance for Married Couples

LifeCovered – Insurance Broker Why should a couple have life insurance? Life insurance for married couples is the best financial foundation for couples that rely on the spouse’s income to pay bills or debt. Find the Best Life Insurance Plan for You Get free quotes and compare life insurance policies. GET INSTANT QUOTES Life insurance is tax-free … Read more

Small Business Health Insurance

For 5+ EMPLOYEES Small Business Health Insurance Automatic acceptance for all staff and no paper application process Help your employees get back on their feet quickly with speedy access to diagnosis and treatment Your staff can claim right away – no stand-downs Get a quote for your business for your employees for your family case … Read more