Insurance Agent vs. Insurance Broker

Life Insurance Broker vs. Insurance Agent: What’s the Difference? Life insurance brokers and agents can help you buy an insurance policy. However, the difference between a life insurance broker and an agent in New Zealand is that the agent represents the insurance provider that employs them and helps sell policies from that single insurance company. … Read more

Best Trauma Insurance

Best Trauma Insurance in New Zealand Get a tax-free cash lump sum benefit if you are diagnosed with one of the serious illnesses or medical conditions listed in your policy. A severe illness impacts everyday life and can lead to many months off work while regular living costs and bills increase. Recovering from a severe … Read more

Prospa Business Loans: Review 2023

Prospa Business Loans: Best Small Business Loans, Credit Lines 2023 This Prospa review focuses on Prospa’s small business loans and credit line for short-term financing. Business loans of up to $500,000 are available, and if you require flexibility, a $150,000 credit line with multiple drawdowns may be ideal. Prospa’s online-first approach makes it an excellent … Read more

Best Life Insurance Companies

Best Life Insurance Companies of 2023 in New Zealand Our Top Rated Life Insurance Companies We’ve evaluated the best life insurance companies for 2023, so if you’re worried about your financial security and peace of mind, you might want to check out our list. Buying a life insurance policy can help protect your family’s finances … Read more

Best Redundancy Insurance

Best Redundancy Insurance in New Zealand and how it works Many mistakenly believe that by getting income protection insurance, they’re automatically covered for involuntary redundancy (i.e. dismissed from employment through no fault of their own). That is not the case. Redundancy Insurance pays a fixed dollar amount for six months if you are made involuntary … Read more

Wellbeing one vs Wellbeing two

Wellbeing One vs Wellbeing Two: Comparison 2023 Is Wellbeing One or Wellbeing Two better? Private medical insurance in New Zealand has come a long way. The idea that New Zealanders should have access to high-quality private healthcare choices led to the founding of the Southern Cross non-profit organisation. Southern Cross’s two best-selling health plans are … Read more

Compare Best Health Insurance Companies

Compare Best Health-Insurance

Best health insurance in New Zealand 2023 Why do 1.42¹m New Zealanders have private health insurance? Elective surgery waiting times increase, leading to preventable illnesses, sometimes terminal illnesses. Unfortunately, COVID has only made things worse. With private health insurance, New Zealanders can skip the public waiting lists. And get access to specialists, surgery or diagnostic … Read more

health insurance for pre-existing conditions

Best health insurance for pre-existing conditions You can get health insurance for pre-existing medical conditions, but, likely, you can only claim on pre-existing conditions after a waiting period of up to three years. Although some health insurance policies will never cover existing conditions.  Table of Contents At LifeCovered, our financial advisors have helped many New … Read more

Tradies Income Protection Insurance in New Zealand

Tradies Income Protection Insurance Protecting your income is vital for any tradie, especially if you’re self-employed. Tradies Income Protection Insurance is something that every working adult, but especially those who are self-employed, should think about. Suppose you’re a builder, an electrician, a plumber, or any other type of tradesperson. In that case, there are a … Read more

Physical Activity Points

How Physical Activity Points work AIA Vitality Active Rewards keep you motivated every week with $5 voucher as reward for reaching your weekly activity goals. How to get AIA Vitality Physical Activity Points Monitor your steps, heart rate or calories burnt using your activity tracker or smart phone, and earn $5 per week if you … Read more