Insurance Agent vs. Insurance Broker

Life Insurance Broker vs. Insurance Agent: What’s the Difference? Life insurance brokers and agents can help you buy an insurance policy. However, the difference between a life insurance broker and an agent in New Zealand is that the agent represents the insurance provider that employs them and helps sell policies from that single insurance company. … Read more

Best Trauma Insurance

Best Trauma Insurance in New Zealand Get a tax-free cash lump sum benefit if you are diagnosed with one of the serious illnesses or medical conditions listed in your policy. A severe illness impacts everyday life and can lead to many months off work while regular living costs and bills increase. Recovering from a severe … Read more

Tradies Income Protection Insurance in New Zealand

Tradies Income Protection Insurance Protecting your income is vital for any tradie, especially if you’re self-employed. Tradies Income Protection Insurance is something that every working adult, but especially those who are self-employed, should think about. Suppose you’re a builder, an electrician, a plumber, or any other type of tradesperson. In that case, there are a … Read more

Physical Activity Points

How Physical Activity Points work AIA Vitality Active Rewards keep you motivated every week with $5 voucher as reward for reaching your weekly activity goals. How to get AIA Vitality Physical Activity Points Monitor your steps, heart rate or calories burnt using your activity tracker or smart phone, and earn $5 per week if you … Read more

Best Health Insurance Quotes for Work Visa Holders

Health Insurance for Work Visa Holders in New Zealand Work visa holders and Immigrants to New Zealand with 2 years work visas are not covered by the public New Zealand health care system. Check out this guide on how to get private health cover. What is health insurance for work visa holders? Health insurance for … Read more

How do you get Platinum in AIA Vitality?

Platinum with AIA Vitality Getting to AIA Vitality Platinum is easier, thank you think. The higher your AIA Vitality Status, the more rewards and discounts you can enjoy. How to earn points Getting to AIA Vitality Platinum Status is easier than you think. Points are awarded for everyday activities such as walking the dog, going … Read more

Apple Watch Benefit

Apple Watch Benefit The Apple Watch Benefit, by AIA Vitality, is for members that want to earn an Apple Watch Series 8* by tracking their activity and meeting their weekly fitness targets over 24 months. What is the Apple Watch Benefit? You can soon get an Apple Watch Series 8 (GPS) and use your rewards … Read more

What is accelerated trauma insurance?

What is Accelerated Trauma Insurance - To help you decide whether accelerated trauma cover is the right cover for you, here's a brief guide. For personal trauma insurance advice and pricing plans, book a time with one of our advisors.

Question What is Accelerated Trauma Insurance? The accelerated trauma cover payout is deducted from your life insurance policy when diagnosed with a critical illness and have accelerated trauma insurance. One of the most common ways to buy trauma insurance is to include it as an extra benefit on a life insurance policy because of the … Read more

Do you need life insurance for a mortgage?

Do you need life insurance for a mortgage? Do I need life insurance to get a mortgage? So you’ve had your offer accepted on the property you want to buy. And you’ve just received confirmation of your housing loan (yay! ). So now all you have to do is arrange for the insurance you’ll need to … Read more

Trauma Insurance vs Health Insurance

Trauma Insurance vs Health Insurance: What’s the difference? Everyone gets sick at some point in life, whether it’s a stomach bug, a chronic disease, or something more serious, such as man flu! Just joking. However, choosing the right insurance policy to protect you from the financial impact of a severe illness can be tricky, particularly … Read more